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Your love for cleanliness paired with our innovation, results in effective and effortless robot vacuum cleaning solutions.

Vacuum robot controlling

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Vacuum and Mop Robot
HomeRun 7000 Series Aqua

Robot vacuum cleaner with a strong wiping function and Auto-Empty station.


Smart cleaning on your schedule. Intelligently navigates, cleans, and powerfully wipes away fine dust particles and stains. Comes with a hassle free Auto Empty station which captures dust for 30 days.

HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua

Robot vacuum cleaner with a light wiping function and Auto-Empty station

HomeRun 3000 Series Aqua

Robot vacuum cleaner with light wiping function

*The 7000 Series cleans up to 180 minutes on a single battery charge, the 3000 Series cleans up to 200 minutes on a single battery charge

HomeRun app

Clean everywhere, from anywhere

Use the HomeRun app to tell your Philips HomeRun robot exactly how and when to clean each room. Then relax.

Start, pause or stop cleaning remotely.

Create a precise floor plan of your rooms in no time thanks to our 360 laser navigation.

Control where your robot cleans. Select which rooms you want cleaned, and in what order. Mark those areas where you don’t want the robot to go.

Choose a cleaning mode for each room. Set up once. Enjoy spotless floors every day with just one touch.

Step-by-step guides help you with everything from set up to floorcare. Always at your fingertips.

A thorough clean that never misses a spot

Vacuum and mop in one go XU7100

More clean: vacuums and wipes in one go 

The powerful HomeRun robot vacuums and wipes hard floors in one easy motion, so fine dust doesn’t build up each day. It cleans away more small dust particles than vacuuming alone, so even when you’re barefoot there’s not a speck to see or feel. 

Ultra-strong suction power, XU7100

Cleans powerfully: ultra-strong suction

The robot’s powerful suction also cleans away large dirt, like crumbs and pet hair, effortlessly. It deals with all the dirt and debris of daily life, as well as the dust that can settle in corners, carpets and rugs.

Cleans up to 180 minutes on a single battery charge

Uninterrupted clean: up to 180/ 200 minutes** on a single charge

A powerful 5200 mAh Li-ion battery means the robot can keep cleaning for up to 180 minutes. That’s more than 130 m² on a single charge.

When the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to the base station to recharge. Once it’s charged again, it goes back to where it left off and carries on cleaning.


** 180 minutes for the 7000 Series, 200 minutes for the 3000 Series

Empties itself

Removes footprints: vibrating mop is thorough, gentle and hygienic

The washable, microfiber mop removes 99.9% of bacteria from dirty shoes and pet hair. The vibrating mop technology gently but effectively removes footprints for better cleaning than just vacuuming. With the 240 ml water tank, the robot can mop 130 m² without needing refilling.

In 2020 alone,

we used

1930 year icon

tons of recycled plastic in our Philips vacuum cleaners, reducing the use of virgin plastic as much as 3 billion plastic straws!
*2020. Estimated weight of a plastic straw 0.4 g

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