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Our first-generation Natural nipples are designed for a natural latch-on thanks to the wide breast-like shape, with soft and flexible design for comfortable feeds.

Natural vs. Natural Response

What's the difference?

New Natural Response nipples are designed to work like a breast, with a unique drinking valve to mimic the way baby naturally drinks at the breast — with the same wide, breast-like shape and soft texture of our original Natural nipples.

From old to new

Finding the right flow

If your baby is used to original Natural nipples, we suggest going directly to a higher numbered nipple from the new Natural Response range. See our chart in the image gallery for guidance.

When should I change flows?

Feeding cues lead the way

Every baby has their own rhythm. Does yours seem frustrated, fall asleep during feeds, or play with the nipple? Try a higher flow. Do you see milk leaking from your baby's mouth, or are they gulping the milk down? Try a lower flow.

What's the difference?

What's the difference?

The new Natural Response nipple is designed to work like a breast to mimic the way your baby naturally drinks at the breast. All the while keeping the wide-breast like shape and soft texture that babies loved in our original Natural nipples

Finding the right flow

Finding the right flow

If your baby is already used to the original Natural nipple, we suggest a higher-number from the new Natural Response range. Click for guidance when transitioning from our previous, free-flowing Natural nipple.

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