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How do I use the manual speed mode of my Philips Air Purifier?

Published on 2021-07-04
You may see the option of a manual speed mode as an additional setting for your Philips Air Purifier. In this mode the fan speed is between turbo mode and sleep mode.

There are 2 levels of manual speeds; the air purifier operates at a stable speed regardless of the actual ambient air condition.
In the anti-pandemic period, we recommend operating the air purifier at high and stable fan speed even if the air quality is good. Therefore, we created the manual speed mode to provide the best protection. 

If your purifier does not have manual speed mode, please follow the steps below to obtain this mode;
1. Turn off your purifier and unplug if from the power outlet
2. Wait 30 seconds and plug your purifier back in the power outlet
3. The upgrade will automatically begin and the Wi-Fi indicator on the device will flash white. It takes about 1 minute to complete the upgrade
4. After a successful upgrade, the Wi-Fi indicator on the device will return to solid white

You can also check your current Wi-Fi firmware and device firmware version in your email diagnostic. 
In case any issues occur, please go to Settings-->Help-->Connections & Clean Home-->Contact us to find more help.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC3036/90 .

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