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What browning settings should I use with my Philips Toaster?

Published on 01 February 2024
Find out what browning settings you should choose on your Philips Toaster in our article below.

Choosing settings according to the type of bread:

  • For dry, thin or stale bread, select a lower setting. This type of bread has less moisture and it will go brown quicker than moist, thick or fresh bread.
  • For fruit bread like raisin bread, select a lower setting.
  • For higher sugar content bread, select a lower setting.
  • For heavier textured bread like rye bread or whole wheat bread, select a higher setting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD2637/11 , HD2650/92 , HD2650/91 , HD2590/91 , HD2581/01 , HD2581/00 , HD2637/91 , HD2637/90 , HD4825/91 , HD4825/92 , HD2595/01 , HD2595/00 , HD2566/57 , HD2586/20 , HD2636/20 , HD2586/21 , HD2630/40 , HD2630/20 , HD2628/22 , HD2628/20 , HD2623/59 , HD2569/20 , HD2569/00 , HD2566/00 , HD2566/20 , HD2626/20 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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