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The coffee coming out of my SENSEO® machine is cold

Updated on 11 August 2022
Some factors may influence the coffee temperature during or after brewing. Use these tips to improve the coffee temperature from your SENSEO® machine. 

Cup size and shape

Thick walled cups absorb more heat that thin-walled cups. Try using a thin walled cup to keep your coffee warmer. Also choose an appropriate cup size for your coffee. Coffee gets cold quicker in larger cups. 

Cup and machine temperature

Place your cup under the spout of the machine and make a cup of coffee without using a coffee pod. This will preheat the machine and the cup. Now throw away the water in the cup and make a normal cup of coffee. This cup of coffee should be warmer than before. 

Use warm milk

Adding refrigerated milk can reduce the temperature of your coffee. Try pre-heating the milk before adding it to your coffee. 

Descale your machine

The internal circuits of your SENSEO® machine might be clogged up with limescale. This can lower the temperature of the water inside the machine. Descale your coffee machine regularly to prevent this from happening. Check out the descaling instructions for your SENSEO® here or check out the user manual. 

For SENSEO® Switch filter coffee

If the filter coffee coming out of your SENSEO Switch is cold try these tips to solve the issue.
  • Pre-heat the jug by rinsing it with hot water before brewing coffee.
  • Brew a full jug of coffee to keep the temperature warmer.
If none of these tips solved your issue then please contact us for further assistance. 

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