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The head of my Philips Stand Garment Steamer / All-in-One Ironing Solution drips water

Published on 03 October 2022
If the head of your Philips Stand Garment Steamer / All-in-One Ironing Solution drips water drips water, please read our troubleshooting advice below to solve this.

The steamer head is in a horizontal position

Note: The following does not apply to models STE305x, GC62x and AIS85xx.

The appliance is not meant to be used horizontally. When the steamer head is being used horizontally, steam cannot come out of the steamer head smoothly and gets condensed in the steam hose. This might cause water dripping from the steamer head.

Water drips from the head of my All-in-One Ironing Solution at the start of the ironing session

Note: Only for AIS85xx.

At the start of each ironing session, it is normal for water to drip. Please hold your All-in-One Ironing Solution's head away from the garment and press the steam trigger continuously for 10 seconds to release steam.

The hose is forming a U shape

When the hose of your Philips Stand Garment Steamer forms a U-shape, condensation in it cannot flow back into the water tank, and this can cause the head of the garment steamer to drip water.

In this case, lift the head of your stand steamer up to straighten the hose vertically.  In this way, condensation can flow back into the tank.

At the start of a steaming session, set the steam setting to be in MAX mode. After this, hold the steamer head away from the garment and press the steam trigger for 10 seconds to release the initial gush of water droplets.

Heavy usage

Please note that the solution in this section only applies to Philips Steamers with AirStretch technology (these steamers have a grill in the head as shown in the image below).

If you have been using your stand steamer heavily for a long time, this can cause water condensation. If this happens, water will drip from the head.

To solve this, first let your steamer cool down. Then, remove the grill and press a dry cloth against the black surface to remove the condensed water.

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Grill in a Philips Garment Steamer
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