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My SENSEO® is making less coffee than before

Updated on 2022-06-27
If your SENSEO® has suddenly started producing less coffee than before go to section A.
If you notice that overtime the coffee quantity produced from your SENSEO is decreasing go to section B.

Section A: SENSEO® suddenly produces less coffee than before

Incorrect settings
Some SENSEO® models come with different coffee volume settings (see image). Check the settings of your machine. If it is set to produce less coffee then change the settings using the instructions given in the user manual.

Using after long time
If you are using your SENSEO® after a long time, there may be some air trapped in the machine. This can cause the coffee volume to decrease. To solve this issue try flushing your machine. Fill the water tank and make a cup of coffee without using pods. 
SENSEO coffee volume settings

Section B: Overtime SENSEO® produces less coffee than before

Pod holder is clogged
The pod holder of your SENSEO® coffee machine might be clogged. Try using a different pod holder that came with your machine. If this solves the issue then clean your pod holder with a brush (see image) or in the dishwasher. If cleaning does not solve the issue, then you can buy a new pod holder from our online shop.

Built-up limescale
Descale your SENSEO® coffee machine at least once every three months to keep your machine free of limescale. You can find detailed instructions for descaling in the user manual or on our descaling page

If none of these steps solved the issue, please contact us for further assistance.
Cleaning SENSEO Coffee Pod

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