Extra Sensitive Cleansing Brush


VisaPure Extra Sensitive Cleansing Brush


Brush head for extra sensitive skin and dry skin

For clean and soft skin

  • For sensitive and dry skin
  • For daily use
  • Replace every 3 months
  • Easy to replace
Increases the absorption of your favorite skincare products

Increases the absorption of your favorite skincare products

Cleansing with VisaPure means that you remove more make up residue and dull and dead skin cells. Thanks to the deep cleansing effect, your favorite skincare products such as creams, serums and essences are better absorbed by the skin.

Perfectly designed for optimal hygiene

Perfectly designed for optimal hygiene

The silky soft bristle material of all our VisaPure brush heads is a specially chosen, delicate nylon. This helps to ensure the brush heads are super easy to clean and keep fresh.

Brush for extra sensitive and dry skin types

The brush comes with ultra soft bristles to give you an extra gentle cleansing experience with less skin irritation. The bristles are thin, longer* and more flexible, thereby ensuring less friction on the skin for a very soft feel and more gentle cleansing effect. The ends of the bristles have been polished twice for a more gentle flow over the skin. An extra gentle way to a clean and healthy looking skin.

Unique composition of face cleansing brush bristles

All VisaPure brushes have unique 5-in-1 bristle technology. Each bristle is polished twice and silky soft ends ensure a smooth glide. VisaPure bristles are extra long for absolute skin comfort. To ensure efficacy, VisaPure bristles are up to 3x smaller than your pores and dense brush reach more pores in one treatment to give a soft, luxurious feel whilst cleansing. The bristle material is specially selected to be water resistant.

Click-on brush head; easy to put on and take off

Simply click on or click off the brush head. Easy to fit, our brush heads are compatible across all Visapure models.

Replace every 3 months

For best results, replace the brush every 3 months. The brush is easy to replace by simply pulling off the brush from the device.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility

    Use with all VisaPure models
  • Benefits

    Type of skin
    For dry to sensitive skin types
  • Ease of use

    Easy to clean
    Can be used in the shower
    Use with cleansing product
    Easy click-on brush head
    Recommended replacement
    Every 3 months
  • Service

    2-year limited warranty

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