EcoPro EcoPro50


Bright white light to get the job done

Small but powerful, versatile yet robust, Philips EcoPro50 rechargeable LED work light provides the bright white light you need to illuminate large dark areas. Enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous use before needing to charge the battery.

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EcoPro EcoPro50

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Bright white light to get the job done

Portable aluminum rechargeable projector light

  • Aluminum portable projector
  • 1000 lumen / 10 W
  • Shock and water resistant
  • battery life: 3h (6h eco mode)

Powerful white light (1000 lumen / 10W) lights up large area

Whether you need to light up a work site, temporarily replace a wall lamp, or illuminate outdoor activities, the Philips EcoPro50 is perfect for lighting up large dark areas. Delivering 1000 lumen (10W), its consistently bright light gives off a super wide beam. If you need less light and more battery life, you can switch to a 500 lumen (5W) eco mode.

Shock resistance proven in drop tests

As you may use Philips EcoPro50 for various indoor and outdoor activities, we’ve made sure the lamp is built to last. Tested in 1.5 meter drop tests, the device is proven to survive occasional drops during use.

Water resistant against splashes

As you may use Philips EcoPro50 for various indoor or outdoor activities, the lamp is designed to survive in tough conditions. Resistant to water, the device will continue to work when splashed, such as during light rain.

Rotating handle lets you position light for hands-free use

Sometimes you need hands-free lighting so you can focus on your task. The 180° rotating handle on the back of EcoPro50 gives you freedom to position the projector as needed. You can also use the handle as a hook to hang the light, or as a support to stand it up by itself. This versatility allows you direct the light just where you need it.

Recharge other devices with a useful USB port

Philips EcoPro50 can be also used as a power bank to charge other devices, such as your phone. Simply plug your device into the USB port on the back of the lamp and it will begin charging.

Magnetic mounting accessory for hands-free lighting

Philips EcoPro50 also comes with a magnetic mounting accessory. Simply attach it to the handle to be able to mount your projector onto any metal surface. Perfect for use in a garage or other work site.

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours per charge

Once fully charged, your Philips EcoPro50 delivers bright white light (1000 lumen / 10 W) for up to 3 hours. If you need longer battery life, simply switch to eco mode (500 lumen / 5 W) and enjoy 6 hours of continuous light.

Indicator shows you how long the battery will last

Never worry about your light dying just when you need it the most. On the back of Philips EcoPro50 you will find a battery life indicator, which tells you exactly how long you’ve got before you’ll need to recharge the battery.

Technical Specifications

  • Marketing specifications

    Expected benefits
    • See better
    • Work better
    Product highlight
    Rechargebale work lamp
  • Product description

    Impact protection rating (IK)
    Ingress protection rating (IP)
    Materials & finishing
    Alumium, PC for lens, PTU
    Number of LEDs
    Operating Temperature
    0°C to 40°C
    Orientable light
    180° pivoting handle
    • RCH
    • EcoPro
    Resistant to
    • grease
    • oil
    • workshop solvents
    UV leak detector
  • Light characteristics

    Color temperature
    6500  K
    Light intensity (boost)
    1680 lux at 0.5m
    Light intensity (eco)
    820 lux at 0.5m
    LED lifetime
    Up to 30000 hours
    Beam angle
    Light output
    1000 lumens
    Light output (eco)
    500 lumens
  • Electrical characteristics

    10  W
    3.7  V
    Battery capacity
    4400  mAh
    Battery run time (boost)
    Up to 3 hours
    Battery run time (eco)
    Up to 6 hours
    Battery type
    Li-ion battery
    Plug type
    Micro USB
    Charging cable type
    Battery charging time
    around 5 hours
    Power Source
    Li-ion 18650 x2
  • Ordering information

    Order entry
    Ordering code
  • Packaging Data

  • Packed product information

    28  cm
    15.1  cm
    5.6  cm
    Pack Quantity / MOQ
    Weight with batteries
    1212.5  g
    Cable length
    100 cm
  • Outerpack information

    57.5  cm
    18  cm
    17  cm
    Gross weight per piece
    7.865  g

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