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Listen to your music in luxurious stereo sound

The high-fidelity speaker system features a Class D amplifier, dual woofers and tweeters for rich bass and clear treble so you can enjoy your music in luxurious stereo sound.

Attractive speakers fill any room with your music

The attractive speaker system looks great in any room of your house so you can enjoy your music out loud instead of on your headphones.

Remote control with easy-to-read iPod info display screen

The Display Remote features a bright and easy-to-read screen so you can view and navigate your iPod content on the remote control, just like you would on your iPod!

RF technology to control music playback from afar

The remote control uses radio frequencies to transmit signals to the stereo, allowing you to control playback from the comfort of your couch, and even from room to room.

Charge the remote control on the base unit

Conveniently charge the included remote control on the base unit so it's ready when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

Secure and convenient charging dock for iPod

Conveniently charge your iPod in the secure and discreet dock. Your iPod will continue to charge while docked, whether or not it is playing music.

Integrated handle for easy transport from room to room

The speaker dock features an integrated handle on the back so you can easily transport them from one room to another. Now you can enjoy your music out loud in any room of the house!

Elegant, touch-panel controls

Control the device with the elegant, touch-sensitive display panel that appears only when in use, and then disappears for an attractive and intriguing experience.

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