Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) solution

      Addressing critical moments. Delivering confidence.

      Providing high-quality portable imaging, everywhere you need to be

      With a full portfolio of point-of-care ultrasound solutions, Philips offers clinicians the ability to confidently diagnose and care for their patients. Powered by 125 years of groundbreaking innovation in high-quality medical imaging, Philips has developed a suite of tools that aims to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient care, increase staff satisfaction and reduce cost of care by allowing clinicians to extend the benefits of safe and efficient ultrasound imaging across the healthcare spectrum. 


      From handheld devices to premium cart-based systems, our point-of-care portfolio is ergonomic, intuitive and supports a confident diagnosis with a variety of options for any work environment.


      Tele-ultrasound, real-time collaboration

      epiq 7 ultrasound machine
      By combining two-way audio and visual calls with live ultrasound streaming, Lumify with Reacts facilitates real-time collaboration between clinicians and enables access to vital information earlier in the health care continuum, providing clinicians with the flexibility they need.
      sparq ultrasound machine
      Philips’ Sparq point-of-care ultrasound system removes barriers of bedside imaging to help you provide the best care for patients. Designed specifically for point-of care clinicians, Sparq makes bedside imaging and scanning easy during critical care, emergency medicine, regional anesthesia and pain management.
      cx50 picture
      With a small, lightweight and highly maneuverable cart, Philips CX50 point-of-care ultrasound system makes premium ultrasound imaging accessible for clinicians providing care for critically ill patients at the bedside. Clinicians can see with exceptional image quality on the technically challenging patients to image using PureWave technology on the S5-1 and X7-2t PureWave transducers.

      What's new

      A unique introduction for medical students
      Watch our introduction to ultrasound by Dr. Rachel Liu.
      RUSH Restructured
      Focused ultrasound evaluation of undifferentiated non-traumatic hypotension.
      Philips Lumify Case Study
      lumify case study youtube video thumbnail
      Ultrasound-guided knee arthrocentesis by Dr. David Tierney

      Your calling.
      The clarity to see it through.

      Helping people when they need help most is what you were meant to do.  Now Philips brings you a full suite of outstanding point-of-care ultrasound solutions that give you the powerful clarity to make confident decisions for your patients—no matter where you’re caring for them.
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