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Reach better-informed decisions through easy access to patient centric information. Our IntelliSite Pathology solution is a highly scalable platform that enhances productivity with high-resolution digital images, collaboration features, and case management tools. Enhance knowledge sharing between care providers to meet the challenges of today’s busy pathology lab.

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Launch of TissueMark 4.0 at USCAP 2018


Philips showcases digital pathology system for clinical use and advanced imaging analytics [1] to transform pathology services at USCAP 2018


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Pathologists must seek more efficient means to support targeted, patient-specific therapy and accurate, first time right decision-making. Philips IntelliSite Pathology is the innovative solution to ultimately help your team achieve better patient outcomes.


Sharing multidisciplinary knowledge assists pathologists in making informed decisions and opening new insights into diseases. IntelliSite unites cutting-edge technologies including iSyntax, to improve workflow efficiency, stimulate collaboration and increase diagnostic confidence.


IntelliSite enables virtual networks across pathology labs to connect to care teams. This solution easily interfaces with Laboratory Information Systems and is compatible with a diverse array of hardware. Now you can perform quick case review and expert consultation with pathologists in remote locations.

The essentials of digital pathology

Digitize your workflow


IntelliSite helps your pathologists organize and review a large number of cases quickly and with ease. Scanned slides can be accessed by specialists from virtually anywhere, helping you streamline processes, reduce turnaround time, with the aim to enhance the quality of care.



Connect your team


Remote communication and collaboration is a challenge. IntelliSite offers embedded tools to connect people and locations so expert opinions are available quickly and specialized histopathology resources can be shared across and beyond the laboratory.



Why go digital?

The following are some of today's challenges in pathology. Increased efficiencies and more accurate diagnostics are crucial to achieve the results that patients, pathologists and oncologists demand. Digitization could be the answer.

Increasing workload

  • Cancer projections are growing
  • Number of tests applied are increasing
  • New cancer cases will rise 70% from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million per year in the next two decades¹

Troublesome accuracy rate

  • Approximately 20% of current HER2 testing may be inaccurate³

Assessing the need for systems integration

  • 10,000 breast cancer cases per year may be under diagnosed due to the failure to resolve discordant radiology and pathology findings⁵

Shortage of pathologist

  • 10.4% decrease in active physicians pathology in 2008 – 2013²
  • 60.7% of active physicians in pathology are age 55 or
  • Time required delays decision making pathology older²

Cumbersome process

  • Cost of shipping glass slides for second opinions is high
  • Decision making delays in pathology account for 41% of delays in cancer diagnosis⁴

You no longer need to worry about the difficult logistics involved in sending glass slides. You no longer run the risk of losing or damaging specimens. You save a lot of money and consultants save a lot of time.


Alexi Baidoshvili, MD, Pathologist at LabPON, Hengelo, Netherlands

A fully integrated solution


IntelliSite is an automated digital pathology image creation, management and analysis system comprising of an ultra-fast pathology slide scanner, an image management system and case viewer, this is complemented by advanced software tools to manage the scanning, storage, presentation, analysis, and sharing of information.


IntelliSite speeds and simplifies access to histopathology information across your organization and beyond to help your staff work more efficiently. IntelliSite is the innovative pathway for the pathology world, advancing towards predictive health management, and ultimately better patient outcomes.

A digital workflow offers many advantages

Transforming the histopathology workflow

Now it only takes 60 seconds for a glass slide to be scanned and available for viewing at a true 40x magnification (for a 15x15 mm area). Organize the results and review and report on each case in a quick and efficient manner. Fast slide-to-slide transitions, customized viewing areas, and collaboration worldwide are a reality.

Bi-directional LIS integration
Continuous auto focus
Real-time collaboration




Philips and PathAI team up to improve breast cancer diagnosis using artificial intelligence technology in ‘big data’ pathology research



Philips and LabPON plan to create world’s largest pathology database of annotated tissue images for deep learning



Philips introduces new digital solutions and services to advance pathology at the 2017 USCAP Annual Meeting



Multi-Center Clinical Validation Study by Philips to be Submitted to FDA in Support of Expanded Indications for Use for Philips IntelliSite Digital Pathology Solution in the U.S.



Philips and Spanish hospital Campus de la Salud start implementation of multi-year strategic partnership agreement



Philips teams up with Visiopharm to boost breast cancer diagnosis objectivity through computational pathology



Philips expands its digital pathology solutions portfolio with the acquisition of PathXL



Massachusetts General Hospital embarks on clinical analytical study using Philips IntelliSite Solution to advance digital pathology adoption in the United states.


Philips meets stringent US government security requirements for pathology medical data.


Philips teams up with Genomic Health to utilize innovative digital pathology solutions to optimize pre analytical specimen processing.



Leading global health institutions digitize pathology workflows with Philips to enhance disease diagnoses.


Philips and Mount Sinai Health System collaborate to advance clinical research through new digital pathology database and analytics


Philips and Inspirata, Inc. partner to bring an end-to-end digital pathology workflow to U.S. cancer centers




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2 - US figures -AAMC 2014

3 - Wolff AC et al, Journal of Clinical Oncology 25: 118-145 2007

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