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What is Philips QuestLink?

QuestLink is our digital solution to collect, process and analyze outcome data such as patient reported outcomes (PROs) and clinical data within your healthcare organization with validated questionnaires.


Outcomes are an enabler for value-based care and deliver relevant input for shared decision making in the doctor's office.


We are convinced that outcome measurement is an effective and practical way to include the patient's voice part of care and monitor the patient throughout the treatment process.

Key features

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Online, customizable patient and healthcare provider dashboard

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Open library with more than 400 questionnaires in various languages, including all ICHOM Standard Sets

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Notifications for high-risk outcomes

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Integration with electronic medical records, other hospital systems and external registries, all based on industry standards

A journey towards interdisciplinary care

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With QuestLink, you can choose to appoint a core team of three (medical lead, project lead and data analyst) to serve as the driving force behind the interdisciplinary team. One or two patients are selected to provide input on what is important to patients. All other relevant care professionals along the patient journey can provide input and work on improvement initiatives.

Use outcome measurement to solve challenges like these

While your specific services will be versatile and flexible, tailored to your exact needs and goals, here are some of the challenges you can expect QuestLink to help manage:

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Learn how hospital OLVG makes use of QuestLink to help HIV patients.

Learn how hospital OLVG makes use of QuestLink to help HIV patients.

Partnering with healthcare organizations helping them in their goals to deliver better care

How 7 Dutch hospitals make value-based care work

Santeon Group, the Netherlands

"This is an unbelievably good concept. By learning from each other, we can really improve care for our patients."

Dr. Yvonne van Riet

Breast surgeon at Catharina Hospital


Philips partnered with Santeon to help PROs collection and analysis for in breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer, based on ICHOM standard sets.


  • 15% reduction in lumpectomy reoperation rates
  • 30% reduction in unnecessary in-patient stays
  • 74% reduction in breast cancer reoperation rates
  • Standardized improvement cycle for each patient group

2 How Dutch Hospitals Make Value-Based Health Care Work. (2018). [paper] Boston: The Boston Consulting Group. Available at: http://image-src.bcg.com/Images/BCG-How-Dutch-Hospitals-Make-Value-June-2018_tcm9-194478.pdf [Accessed 12 Jun. 2019].


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