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Adding multi-nuclei to your Philips 3.0T MR system opens a window of research into other nuclei, in search of metabolic and functional information. Thanks to a seamless integration onto the 3.0T platform, multi-nuclei imaging and spectroscopy become part of your daily clinical workflow. With the dual tuned head coils you can perform brain exams, including acquisition of proton and other nuclei (31P, 13C, 23Na), without switching coils. A full brain study, including both proton (1H) and sodium (23Na) imaging can be completed in 30 minutes1, all organized in one ExamCard. And a sodium (23Na) brain scan can be completed in less than 15 minutes2. Multi-nuclei imaging or spectroscopy can be run and reconstructed directly from the standard user interface. The nucleus is just a scan parameter like any other sequence parameter. Reconstruction and viewing of multi-nuclei images or spectra, as well as the process for sending the data to PACS is fully integrated, so workflow does not differ from proton imaging.

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