Xper IM with Philips Hemo Cardiovascular workflow solution

Xper IM with Philips Hemo

Cardiovascular workflow solution

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Xper Information Management (Xper IM) encompasses a suite of cath lab data management solutions designed to enhance interventional cardiology workflow. This innovative software suite presents a variety of tools for reporting, scheduling, inventory and intelligent data management. These tools can help enhance efficiency, Xper IM improves and simplifies workflow for all cardiovascular professionals.

Enhance cath lab workflow and patient care
Enhance cath lab workflow and patient care

Enhance cath lab workflow and patient care

Xper Information Management (Xper IM) is designed to enhance workflow so that administrative concerns never become a barrier to patient care. It provides a single point of contact for pre-, during, and post-procedure information. It populates the final cardiac report with patient data, and interfaces with HIS, PACS, and EMRs to avoid redundant data entry and to create integrated patient records. If you choose, you can even share study-related information and images with patients at the bedside.
Improved communication
Improved communication

Improved communication

In the control room, clinical staff can monitor all patient vital signs, analyze physiological parameters and easily display calculation results in the exam room. Results are displayed as a numerical value and a gradient image. Displaying numerical and graphical results helps clinical staff stay focused on the tasks at hand without the need to leave the sterile area.
Touch screen control
Touch screen control

Touch screen control

Team members in the exam room can now visualize and adapt vital signs and physiological calculations easily at table side using the Touch Screen Module. Being able to control visualizations and adapt measurements on the Touch Screen Module helps improve workflow by letting you perform more tasks at table side.
Intuitive hemo monitoring
Intuitive hemo monitoring

Intuitive hemo monitoring

The new user interface provides on-screen guidance to help team members smoothly proceed through procedures and work efficiently with each other. The workstation's interactive heart diagram aids team members in the control room in quickly performing pullbacks and changing the pressure labels. These features promote ease of use by all staff members with minimal training.
Streamline lab workflow
Streamline lab workflow

Streamline lab workflow

Your Philips interventional X-ray system and Hemo system work efficiently together to reduce manual data entry. This in turn may reduce user entry errors, help improve the integrity of your reports and minimize interruptions. All aimed at helping you focus on your patient and communicate effectively with your team.


Hemo system specifications

Lead Surface ECG
Comprehensive hemodynamic measurements and analysis
Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)
Pulse oximetry (SpO2)
Four invasive blood pressure channels
Body surface temperature
Thermodilution Cardiac Output
Fick Cardiac Output
Respiration rate
Capture and store hemodynamic waveforms and ECG’s
Full disclosure (record, store all waveforms data for post case review and analysis)
End of case reporting (hemodynamic measurements and calculations)
Printing waveforms and hemodynamic analysis
Storage of all patient data

Optional packages

Integrated FFR (compatible with Philips and St. Jude)
Main and side stream EtCO2
Procedure/event charting and data collection

Integrated with Philips interventional x-ray system

Hemo control from Touch Screen Module
Patient demographics
Connected to Monitor Ceiling Suspension or FlexVision
  • -Results obtained during usability study performed in December 2016. The study involved 33 participants. Participants were spread evenly over technologist/nurses and physicians. To evaluate benefits of the multi-user capabilities of the new system design a
  • -Please check with a local Philips sales team for availability in your country.
  • -For the availability of the iFR functionality on Philips Hemo system, please check with your local Philips sales representative.