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Advances in image quality, review and analysis tools, image digitization and mobile solutions have changed the workflow of the radiology department. While these advances have enhanced efficiency, they also have been accompanied by increasing pressure: a shift from volume to value, an expectation of faster diagnosis, and a growing demand that information and images be available throughout the enterprise.


We can help you simplify the radiology imaging workflows while maintaining deep clinical capabilities, and provide secure access to meaningful imaging information so you can meet the changing needs of your enterprise.

Contact us to learn how our deep expertise and proven solutions can help you streamline radiology image review and analysis, collaborate easily with colleagues across the enterprise, and transmit images and information where and when they are needed.
Video of a technician at Soldiers Memorial Hospital working on Enterprise Radiology Imaging Informatics

Enterprise Imaging Informatics at Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Staff and clinicians at Soldiers Memorial Hospital Ontario, Canada discuss transitioning from film to digital image management.

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Advanced radiology imaging


When we joined our IntelliSpace PACS enterprise imaging informatics portfolio with our ‘best in KLAS’ IntelliSpace Portal advanced analysis clinical applications, we formed one comprehensive enterprise informatics solution that we call, “The Power of One.” Together, our clinical context apps and decision support tools help you dig deeper into imaging information, reach confident diagnoses, and follow patient changes. Your productivity benefits from one orchestrated user experience, one seamless integrated workflow, and easy and secure access to clinical tools.

Speach of constantinin pleiter about PACS workstation at sint franciscus gasthuism

At Sint Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the combined IntelliSpace PACS and IntelliSpace Portal enables image post-processing from the PACS workstation.


Combined advanced visualization and PACS


Clinicians analysing the patient data in PACS
  • Intelligently capture and transform patient data and images into rich, actionable information
  • Enhance collaboration and clinical interpretation with powerful clinical applications and dashboards
  • Unleash the value of information sharing with panoramic patient views and timeline
  • Empower caregivers to make fast, informed decisions wherever care is delivered

Advanced Visualization

Clinicians analysing the patient data in advanced imaging visualization
  • Rich clinical depth and multi-modality applications provide all your advanced analysis needs from a single platform
  • Smooth integration which allows you to scale up as needed
  • Thin-client, access anywhere solution with a unified workflow to streamline your diagnosis

What I want is an orchestrated experience that allows me to make a decision without having to go to different places. That’s what an intelligent space to me is. That’s what the power of one is, giving me exactly the right tools at the right time in the right order to maximize my job."


Prof. Paul Chang- Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair, Radiology Informatics, University of Chicago Medicine

Mammography workstation

A video about PACS station into a mammography workstation
Philips IntelliSpace PACS Advanced Mammography enhances screening services at Rose Centre, St. George’s Hospital in London, UK.

Turn your PACS station into a mammography workstation.


  • Single-read and double-blind reading workflow facilitates compliance
  • Ergonomically designed keypad eases image manipulation
  • Automated hanging protocol selection saves time
  • Auto-scaling improves reading efficiency

The Power of ONE

Discover the potential of our combined solutions for a more streamlined workflow and better informed decision making.



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Technician explaining the tumor tracking with portal to clinician

Radiology Imaging   Tumor tracking with IntelliSpace Portal    

Technician explaining the Isite PACS to clinician

Enterprise workflow PACS consolidation
iSite PACS

Clinician looking at the patient data

Radiology Imaging
Diagnostic confidence

Clinician looking at the patient data

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