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Connecting the dots of patient care

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    Healthcare never stands still


    You work in a dynamic environment with new challenges arising all the time. Responding to these shifts while keeping within the restraints of budgets and resources is a challenge in itself. The nature of healthcare is evolving – changing demographics and new patient groups require a different approach to patient care. In addition, you face constant pressure to streamline, standardize and enhance your processes.

    An integrated EMR to help achieve your goals
    across the healthcare continuum

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    Philips Tasy EMR is a comprehensive healthcare informatics solution that touches all areas of the healthcare environment, connecting the dots across clinical and non-clinical domains along the healthcare continuum. It helps you keep pace with changes and address challenges in patient care and safety, hospital management, supply and financials. This sophisticated system is the product of over 20 years’ experience in EMR, helping you standardize and centralize processes for enhanced efficiency.


    The solution is designed to be flexible, dynamic and responsive to your needs, helping you remain agile and adaptive to changing requirements. Philips Tasy EMR is in step with your workflow, your standards and your KPIs. Currently used by over 950 healthcare institutions, the solution was named Best in KLAS PAS (Patient Administration System) Category Leader 2016 and 2017 in Latin America.

    Support across the hospital


    Philips Tasy EMR goes beyond patient care and medical records to

    provide administrative and organizational support across your facility.


    • Less duplicate effort as real-time data is accessible across the

    hospital or multiple sites

    • Flexible and traceable user roles and profiles
    • Agile release schedule for updates and upgrades



    Portfolio availability varies by geography. Contact your local Philips representative

    for more information.

    Support across the hospital

    Patient care

    patient care
    • Support for standardized clinical workflows

        and protocols

    • Clinical decision support
    • Closed-loop medication

    Hospital management

    hospital management
    clinician icon
    • Integrated operations such as scheduling and bed


    • Enterprise clinical and non-clinical KPIs and dashboards
    • Balanced scorecard and strategic planning


    • Pharmacy
    • Inventory and supply management integrated with prescription process
    • Procurement and contract management


    • Revenue cycle management
    • Accounting and controlling
    • Cost control



    Learn about the experience of current Tasy EMR users, and hear about Tasy EMR’s commitment and vision from some of our leaders.

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