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SonoCT real-time compound imaging technology

sonoct imaging diagram

A unique approach to overcome the inherent artifacts of conventional ultrasound that compromise image quality.

SonoCT imaging technology uses transmit beam-steering techniques to obtain coplanar, tomographic images from different viewing angles, then combines these micro-angulated images into a single compounded image at real-time frame rates. SonoCT imaging enables clinicians to acquire up to nine times more tissue information than the orthogonal beams used in conventional ultrasound, without any unusual manipulation of the transducer and without sacrificing frame rates.

  • Powerful pipeline signal processing architecture is employed to accurately render the steered frames into the appropriate display geometry and update the compound image in real time as each new frame is acquired.

  • Variable steering angles and frame rates allow clinicians to adjust SonoCT images depending on the clinical application.

  • SonoCT is supported in most 2D, Doppler, harmonic, and 3D imaging modes, increasing image clarity for most exam needs and patient types.

SonoCT benefits:

  • Accurate and precise clinical data
  • Increased diagnostic confidence
  • Improved patient management

With SonoCT, angle-generated and speckle noise artifacts are reduced, and structures with curved and irregular borders are more readily visualized. Contrast resolution is improved and tissue margins are more discernable. Using SonoCT imaging, real tissue information is reinforced while random artifacts are virtually eliminated. This powerful imaging technology, available on linear, curved, tightly curved, and mechanical volumetric array transducers, produces images superior to conventional imaging in up to 94% of patients. SonoCT imaging has further been proven to boost diagnostic confidence, create operational efficiencies and, in a critically important conclusion, change patient management in as many as 17.6% of cases*.

*Global image clarity study, Scientifica, Inc., 2001

sonoct xres imaging

SonoCT™ Imaging with XRES™ Technology

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