Time for advanced emergency care everywhere

TIME for Tempus

When emergency care teams arrive at the scene, critical decisions have to be made in seconds. The Philips Tempus ALS is an advanced monitor/defibrillator solution that ensures flexibility, while enabling carers to get rich patient data and collaborate with their teams.

TIME for Tempus

Time for advanced emergency care everywhere video

Time for advanced emergency care everywhere

Time to demand more: Tempus ALS solution overview

Tempus ALS monitor / defibrillator

Tempus ALS monitor / defibrillator

As a modular form factor, the solution is designed to empower caregivers to focus on the patient, while automatically sharing rich patient data for online collaboration and decision support.

Tempus Pro monitor

Tempus Pro monitor

For confident, on-scene diagnosis, Tempus ALS promises rich data capture and sharing capabilities in a small, lightweight and robust solution for real-time1 collaboration with your team.

IntelliSpace Corsium

IntelliSpace Corsium

A cloud-based software platform that unlocks the real power of the Tempus ALS by enabling users to securely share patient data and collaborate online in real-time.

Time to take pre-hospital emergency care to the next level

Up to 2 secs Time to collaborate, Time for Tempus

The power of data

Tempus ALS is a highly connected solution enabling on line collaboration in real-time. View rich patient data without scrolling and share 12-lead ECG, vitals, treatments, images and therapy instantly. What’s more, all patient data is automatically shared to your ePCR.

3kg Time to carry less, Time for Tempus

Lightweight and compact

At just 3kg, the Tempus Pro Monitor is so light and compact, you can carry it on a shoulder strap, ready to pair automatically with the 2kg Tempus LS defibrillator. A modular, grab and go solution that takes up minimal space.

2 as 1 Time for flexibility, Time for Tempus

Two monitors working as one

Tempus ALS is designed to adapt to every EMS response. In fact, it's so flexible, you can use the Tempus Pro monitor and the Tempus LS defibrillator2 to monitor two patients at the same time. Or focus one display on defibrillation while the other takes care of patient monitoring.

More than 10h Time for a full shift battery, Time for Tempus

A full shift battery life

In an emergency, you need a solution that works as hard as your team. The battery on the Tempus Pro monitor lasts longer than ten hours3, giving you the power to go the distance on every call during a 12-hour shift.

IP66 Time for a rugged solution, Time for Tempus

Unmatched durability

When the going gets tough, you need robust equipment that’s built for the job. The Tempus Pro monitor has an IP66 rating. A rugged, advanced monitor that is trusted by military and rescue teams in the most extreme circumstances.

Middle of nowhere Time to connect, Time for Tempus

Secure data sharing

The Tempus ALS uses a unique Enhanced Data Service Protocol (EDS), which helps to reduce the risk of any patient data being lost during transmission due to poor signal strength in the area.

Time to get real: Why Tempus

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[1] Depending on network availability there may be a 2-3 second delay between display of the data on the Tempus Pro and display of the same data on IntelliSpace Corsium

[2] Tempus LS is not available for sale in the US. Tempus LS-Manual is 510(k) cleared and available for sale in the US

[3] At least 10.75 hours Li-Ion battery with a display brightness of 60%

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