World COPD Day

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With COPD, every breath is a victory

As a leader in respiratory care, Philips is proud to recognize World COPD Day and celebrate everyday victories.

Everyday victories with COPD

Living well with COPD is all about positive lifestyle changes. Never let your disease define you!

“I feel confident that I can still enjoy my life with my treatment at home… I am no longer a burden to my family.”

– Ms. Shen, China

“…after my treatment, I can now go on picnics with my grandson.”

– Mr. Yang, China

“With SimplyGo Mini… I move about with confidence and it makes my heaving breathing light and pure.”

– Mrs. Manju N., India

“AVAPS therapy has helped by making me feel comfortable and in control of gaining a normal routine…”

– Mrs. Shara S., India

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See how Philips helps people manage their COPD


Get more information about how people living with COPD make the most out of life.

See how Ed uses
SimplyGo Mini
to achieve daily victories with COPD​

Ed COPD video

COPD Solutions

Live life to the fullest with COPD treatment and management solutions designed to fit your lifestyle and support you at every stage.
SimplyGo Mini in car

SimplyGo Mini

Be simply confident on the go
Innospire Go

Innospire Go

More time for life

Improving lives is at the heart of the Philips mission.          

We take our responsibility and commitment towards building a healthy society seriously by developing meaningful innovation that can help people manage COPD and ultimately breathe easier.


But people can’t find solutions for a problem they don’t know they have or benefit from solutions they don’t know exist.


At Philips, we understand our commitment to making lives better for COPD patients starts with education.

COPD is estimated to affect more than 251 million people worldwide1 as the fourth leading cause of death, and is becoming more prevalent every day2.


But through education, engagement, and empowerment we can help those affected by the disease live a fulfilling life.


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