Radiology Webinar

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Winning Radiology Workflows

May 27, 2021
10:00 am UAE,
9:00 am KSA / Turkey / Kenya ,

8:00 am Egypt

Philips Live!

Discover more about the path to precision diagnosis and how winning radiology workflows can help enhance patient and staff experience, improve outcomes, and lower cost of care. Register for our webinar on May 27th. Click box should read View sessions and register




  • Opening remarks and introduction to Precision Diagnosis
  • Key note speaker: Compressed Sense Does it help?
  • Dr Oktay Karadeniz, Radiologist, Director of Radiology, Anadalou Medical Center, Turkey.
  • Key note speaker: Seeing the difference with detector-based spectral CT.
  • Introduction to Philips Radiology workflow suite


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Discover our latest innovations

Discover our latest innovations

This year we introduce Philips Radiology Workflow Suite, which is all about driving operational efficiency through integration, digitization and virtualization of the radiology workflow. We'll debut key informatics and telehealth solutions to streamline radiology operations, from image acquisition to data interpretation and reporting, to clinical collaboration, and the management of a patient-centered radiology practice.

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