Philips ReCare

Changing the landscape of medically certified clinical and inpatient rehabilitation.

A full suite of solutions for demanding physical therapy


The ReCare suite of physical therapy solutions provides care givers with advanced features to deliver better outcomes to their patients suffering from a wide range of neurological, cardiovascular, or musco-skeletal issues.  With a holistic approach to rehabilitation, the ReCare suite helps caregivers analyze the unique needs of their patients in order to create customized treatment plans focused on promoting the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Gait assessment


Walking is crucial to living a fulfilling life, however not all movement is equal. An uneven gait can impact a patients posture as well as other movements, preventing a full recovery and potentially causing more harm later in the patient’s life.  With Gait Analysis, therapists can quickly judge whether a patients gait is even and create a rehabilitation program targeted at improving evenness between strides.  A visual indicator helps to guide and motivate every patient to make improvements towards a better outcome.

Functional body symmetry


Taking it a step further, body and movement symmetry is not just limited to a patients gait. Power output between limbs - whether in the lower or upper body - is equally as important to monitor and develop symmetry. All Philips ReCare devices are capable of measuring power output and displaying variances between different sides of the body with visual cues to push patients to make corrections in order to develop strength in weaker limbs. This is especially crucial for patients with limited mobility or those with injuries affecting the upper body as any imbalance can further lessen their chances of making a meaningful recovery.

A perfect fit

Patients come in different sizes and ranges of physical ability, our devices fit them all.

Real world recovery

Each device is engineered to mirror real world applications, such as walking backwards and walking downhill.

Human centered design

Keeping your staff out of physical therapy is as important as delivering better outcomes to patients, with safety and comfort features like raised decks built in to each device.

Explore the full line of Philips ReCare medically certified physical therapy devices

ReCare Treadmill

The 7.0 T combines all of the features a clinician needs to make patients will feel confident when they're using it. Whether suffering from neurological challenges, on the mend from a sports injury, or recovering from a cardiovascular incident, this treadmill is an essential, versatile tool for healthcare providers.

ReCare Upright bike

Patients will enjoy the oversized, padded seat with precise positioning for a comfortable ride. Clinicians will appreciate features like adjustable crank lengths for limited range of motion, METs measurements, and downloadable workout data.

ReCare Recumbent stepper
with removable seat

The 7.5 S brings accessibility to wheelchair-bound patients while still providing a quality workout. Ability for upper-only exercise allows for increased cardiovascular conditioning without lower body movement.

ReCare Recumbent bike

The 7.0 R Recumbent bike sets the standard for comfort while providing an effective workout. Swiveling seat makes getting in and out easy for deconditioned or assisted patients to sit properly for exercise.

ReCare Recumbent stepper

The upper body exercise program helps build patients' stength, even for people with lower body limitations. The recumbent position also helps eliminate stress on hips, knees and ankles.

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