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Time is critical when faced with a serious condition. The innovation of MRI scanners can help a clinician diagnose a patient which can prompt faster surgical intervention. It’s also necessary to meet the relentless demands for efficiency in 21st century medicine. Philips innovative digital broadband MRI scanners are helping to improve hospital workflows whilst also helping to improve patient care.

A young life stalled


Mostafa was active and inquisitive as a child. Brain cancer changed that. His lively personality was dramatically transformed. He became sullen and lost interest in everything.

Precious Details

Precious Details

MRI technicians and surgeons work together to remove a brain tumor.

When a child is sick it can paralyze the whole family so the doctor is put under a lot of pressure and we can support him by increasing efficiency.”


Mohamed Mostafa

General Manager of Philips Healthcare

Achieving more with less

When Mostafa arrived at the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo, he complained of blurred vision and headaches. The Philips Ingenia 3 Tesla MRI scanner was used to scan his brain. These images helped the doctors to precisely locate the cancer.
Just as important as the benefits to the patient are those experienced by key stakeholders in terms of resource management. More accurate diagnoses and follow-ups in a faster time period ease pressure on hospitals - and the governments and businesses that run them.
The Philips Ingenia Magnetic Resonance Imaging's special digitization technology - using broadband fiber optic cables - allows the system to deliver high quality yet detailed imaging results. This, plus its ease of use means that clinicians are provided with a system that promotes efficiency in daily workflows in the field of body oncology.

The MRI images help guide us during surgery. They serve as a sort of navigation system.”


Dr. Mohamed El Telbagy

Director of Pediatric Neurosurgical Dept., Children’s Cancer Hospital, Egypt

The Philips MRI advanced neuroimaging provides outstanding clinical performance and exceptional economic value. Plus, it fulfills Philips’ commitment to sustainability - it’s lightweight and consumes a limited amount of helium and power.

A global concern


Around the world, medical professionals are being stretched further and further. It’s essential that innovation in medical device technology allow them to be more productive.

= Present no. of workers
= Projected demand

50% is the number of healthcare workers the world will be short of by 2035 up from 7.2 million today.

53% of CEOs want to hire more people in the next 12 months alone while 63% are concerned about finding people with the right skills.

The 2014 PWC 17th Annual Global Healthcare CEO Survey

Explore the Innovation


The Philips Ingenia 3.0T is designed so that medics no longer have to trade resolution for speed – they can perform routine exams with excellent image quality. Click to find out more.

An expanded role


The quality of imagery has expanded the role of MRIs into the operating room. Watch the video to hear how surgeons are using Philips Ingenia Magnetic Resonance images as a surgical navigation system.

MRIs guiding surgeries

MRIs guiding surgeries

Dr. Beltagy talks about the advantages of Philips MRIs.

It’s a battle between doctor and tumor. If you can’t remove the entire tumor, you’ve lost the battle.”


Dr. Iman Zaki

Head of Radiology, Children’s Cancer Hospital, Egypt

Follow up


48 hours later, doctors followed up with another MRI to determine if the operation had been a success and that the entire tumor had been removed.

I couldn’t stop my tears until we got him into the MRI room.”


Yehia Eltoukhi Abdel Mequid

Mostafa’s father

A successful outcome


The best part of the day is telling parents that the tumor has been removed, says Dr. Mohamed El Telbagy, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgical Dept., Children’s Cancer Hospital, Egypt. One year later. Mostafa is still cancer free and he’s started to regain interest in life again.

Partners for better care

Partners for better care

Hear from Dr. Zaki on how Philips' MRIs make a big difference in her work.

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